Developing on the
Neo Blockchain is
easier than ever before.

Get your own development playground.


Sorry mate. The templates only work on Desktop.
Grab a chair.

Add your own template to the colletion

Would you like to add your own template card here, directly from your GitHub repo?
Just click here and follow the instructions.

Our Magical features

Neo-Playground IDE
Develop in your browser,
but feeling in your local IDE

You don't have to install a bunch of tools to start developing in Neo.

We packed the VSCode IDE, pre-installed all tools to easily develop dApps to the Neo Blockchain, and made it available in your browser, just 3 clicks away!

Compatible to all languages in the Neo ecosystem, SDKs, and communities.

Neo Node
Already Packed with Neo Blockchain Toolkit

It includes:

  • Neo Smart Contract Debugger:
    Fully integrated Smart Contract debugging experience inside of VS Code.
  • Neo Express:
    Real-world Neo PrivateNet, enabling complete end-to-end scenarios built on top of the Neo MainNet codebase.
  • Neo Visual DevTracker:
    Explore public and private Neo blockchains (block explorer), as well as visual management functions for Neo Express instances.

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Neo-Playground Templates
Extensible Neo Templates

On Neo Playground you have access to an ever-growing library of templates/examples.

You can play with all of them, whenever you want. You can show to your friends what you've accomplished by extending the templates.

And, the best thing: you can add YOUR OWN template/example to the Neo Playground library! Just go to the Neo Playground Templates git repo and follow the instructions.

Collaborate with Others

Once you get a playground environment based on a template, you can share the URL with others!

This is super useful to work, learn, and play together with your team. :-)

Download NEO project
Download your Project and
Continue Locally

Ok, do you feel it's time to move on and develop the dApp in your local machine? No problem!

You can download the project and continue with your local development environment.


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Software Engineer

Claude Müller

Software Engineer

Michael Bucher
M.Sc. candidate

UI/UX Designer

Gabriel Lopes
Designer Maximalist

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